LEAP Program Accepting Volunteers

Monday, November 21, 2016 - 15:17

Community Education began a collaborative program this fall to support intergenerational literacy for young families with children birth to kindergarten.  The program, LEAP (Learning English and Parenting) Together is a program that brings Adult Basic Education (ABE), also known as ACCESS in our district, and Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) together to provide comprehensive holistic approaches where parents and children learn and grow together.  Family literacy programs address the literacy strengths and needs of the family/community while promoting adults’ involvement in children’s education, recognizing adults as a powerful influence on children’s academic success.  Family literacy programs also recognize the reciprocal nature of parent-child relationships.  This program provides both parent-initiated and child-initiated activities to support development of parent/child relationships and to increase the motivation to learn.

Family literacy programs integrate all of the following activities:

  • Interactive literacy activities between parents and their children
  • Education for parents in facilitating children's learning and becoming full partners in their education
  • Parent literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency and meets adults' stated goals
  • Early childhood education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences

The LEAP Together program is offered free of charge, Monday through Thursday at Central Park in Woodbury. Transportation is provided to residents of District 833 upon request. LEAP Together classes are open to non-English speaking families to improve English Skills and increase parent involvement in the K-12 school system. Parents are offered services through the South Washington County Schools ACCESS Program to further support personal, career, and educational goals.