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*NEW* 2018 Youth Quick Reference Guide

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 09:08

New this year! A quick and easy guide to find summer enrichment opportunities, based on your childs age.

Are you looking for something fun, engaging, creative, stimulating or enriching for your child this summer? Look no further! We've created a handy and uncomplicated quick reference guide to allow you and your child to identify classes, camps and clinics available to your child based on their age. 

Quickly and conveniently find the perfect activity to ensure your child has a well rounded, fun, and memorable experience this summer!

See class descriptions for further information and specific age requirements.

Please note: gymnastics and Aquatics are not included in this quick reference guide, as they are both skill based activities. Pkease find more on Gymnastics on pages Y42-Y50 and more on Aquatics on pages Y51-Y65.

2018 Youth Quick Reference Guide