New STEM Classes

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 11:51

Motorized Lego Engineering

Power up your engineering skills with Computer Explorers and our motorized Lego kits!Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects.Design and build motorized engineering projects. Join us as we explore, investigate & solve problems. This exciting hands-on engineering class combines LEGO® Education & LEGO® Technic™ materials. April 19th 6-8 pm at Cottage Grove Middle School. Grades 4-8.



Students will explore the chemistry behind the everyday by performing a number of hands-on group experiments. A real life chemist and PBS Kids SciGirls® role model will share her love of science by leading the class through the chemistry of cookie baking, winter road de-icing, and more! Course fee includes an official SciGirls® t-shirt that each registrant may keep after tie-dying during the chromatography class. Thursday evenings beginning April 20th at Lake Middle School. Ages: 10-14


Science at Work
Join Mad Science® for after-school fun with interactive, hands-on activities that get you revved up about science. Experience Science at Work in the Mad Science crime lab, movie effects studio and toy factory. Discover science working in nature through earthquakes and storms! Make science work for you as you manipulate magnetic and electrical forces. Learn about science working in your mouth and put it to the test – the Taste Test! Take home your Cartoon Creator, Personal Profile Kit, Yo-Yo, Sedimentary Stacker, Taste Test Kit, Magnet Lab, Firefly Circuit and UV Sensitive Keychain. Grades 1-5