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Adult Enrichment testimonial with Kid's Club book keeper Carol Bromen

Community Education's own Carol Bromen shares some of her inspiration, fun, experience and what she learned while taking Adult Enrichment courses in South Washington County. 

Campfire Cooking with Cast-Iron at Afton State Park

"This Spring I took Campfire Cooking with Cast-Iron at Afton State Park. I had never used cast iron pans before and thought this would be a great experience cooking on the campfire with pans that I knew nothing about. I thought it was a unique sounding course and liked that it included a food expert in Jan Zita Grover and a professional outdoor enthusiast in Linda Radimecky.

I love to cook. I also used to go camping all of the time when my children were young, and we simply loved the way the food tasted. There is just something about the taste that brings back good memories.

I was very pleased to find that the instructors were very knowledgeable about the cast iron pans and how to care for them. Jan shared some wonderful tips on the food preparation. We were all given pamphlets to help us remember what we were being taught as well as all the recipes that we enjoyed. Everyone in the class broke into groups and each group made something for the dinner that evening. When the food was finished we all sat at the picnic tables and enjoyed a grand meal with all the prepared foods. It was a feast and a good time to get to know some new friends.

My favorite thing that we got to cook was the flank steak which was amazing. It had a smoked paprika rub on it that was something I had never tried before.

"I can’t wait to share this recipe with my kids and grandkids over a camp fire one day."

This was a wonderful class that was held outside at Afton State park. We were able to see a few deer and enjoy the scenery while we had a relaxing evening cooking and learning. Not too bad for a Tuesday!"



Photography 1 and Photography 2

"Over the past 10 years I have become increasingly interested in photography. Looking back, my interest and passion really developed after I had my first grandchild.

So eventually I bought a better, more sophisticated and high-priced camera than any that I had ever owned before.  It had so many buttons and features on it that I was not sure where to begin. I was able to take a few good pictures here and there if the lighting was right, but never really knew how to use the settings to make the adjustments needed to enhance the quality I was really looking for.

I was excited when I learned that Community Education offered not one, but two levels of Photography courses, taught by an expert in the industry named Kent Johnson. So I decided to sign up for both!

It only took one class for me to know that I was in the right place. Kent was so knowledgeable about photography and the equipment needed. All of us in the class had different cameras and he was able to help all of us with all the different settings, how to find them and show us how to change the settings to obtain the best picture quality that we could possibly get.

With each new class I learned more about the settings and how to make the adjustments needed. I was being taught to look at everything from a different perspective.

"For the first time, I felt truly able to tell a story through the photos that I was taking."

I would recommend this course to anyone who has a camera that they don’t know how to use, or features they want to find out more about. The instructor made all the difference and the entire experience was very fun, interactive and hands on. We went outside to take photos every time the class met so that we were constantly exploring our new skills. Since I have taken the course I am more confident and enjoy photography more than I ever thought possible."