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Become an Instructor

What Does It Take to Teach?

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Have an Idea for a Class?  Download our course proposal Thinking teaching might be the way to go? Get in touch with us to learn how

Do you have experience in a specific area? Do you find yourself naturally sharing your expertise out of a desire to help others? Bring your energy and talents to the classroom by teaching for Community Ed! It’s easy to become an Adult Enrichment instructor. We don’t require a teaching license so that all have an opportunity to share with others in our community. We do require that instructors have proven experience in their field and a passion for communicating the concepts in an organized, easy-to-understand manner.

When and Where Are Classes Held?

We schedule most classes in the evenings on either Mon or Wed at Cottage Grove Middle School or Tues or Thurs at East Ridge H.S. in Woodbury. Fitness classes are held Mon – Thur at a variety of elementary schools.

Are Instructors Paid?

Some instructors choose to volunteer their time but most are paid. We negotiate a rate of pay with every instructor. Generally what we pay gets rolled into the class fee, so we try to keep our class fees reasonable.

Our most common hourly rate is  $22.30/hour for Adults with Disabilities classes and $25/hour for Adult Enrichment, however we do consider other rates and arrangements based on topic, background, going rate, etc.

How Does The Hiring Work?

We can hire you as either an independent contractor or as a payroll employee. Here are a few differences:

Payroll: Our school district takes taxes out. You need to sign up with H.R. at the District Service Center in Cottage Grove. This is recommended if you are not set up as a business.

Independent Contractor: You are responsible for dealing with any tax implications. You must be set up as a business. Ideally you would have a tax i.d. # and a business card. You would need to complete a W-9 and send us an invoice after the class is complete.

How Can I Join Your Team?

Here is what we need from you.

  1. Please complete our Instructor Course Proposal Form and email it to GCarlson@cecool.com.
  2. Set up a time to meet to discuss your class. Plan on about an hour. In some cases, a teaching demonstration will be requested.
  3. Submit a short 2 – 4 sentence bio detailing any relevant education, work and/or teaching experience. You might also want to include the “why” behind your teaching.

Do You Require a Background Check?

Yes! All instructors are required to undergo a background check. The cost is $20. You will be sent a link to complete it online.

When Is Your Next Hiring Season?

Hiring for Fall is April - May | Deadline for meeting together is June 1 | Classes will be scheduled for Sept – Dec

Hiring for Winter is July – Aug | Deadline for meeting is Sept. 1 | Classes will be scheduled for Jan – March

Hiring for Spring is Nov – Dec | Deadline for meeting is Jan 1 | Classes will be scheduled for April - May