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Updated: 33 min 47 sec ago

Happy Feet-Fall

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 12:00am

Happy Feet offers age-appropriate child fitness soccer programs that are great fun for kids. Our team of experienced youth soccer coaches come to your school once a week, delivering convenience, safety, savings and enjoyment for families. Captivate & entertain, teach creative soccer technique, enhance motor development develop social skills & self esteem. Includes a t-shirt.

Little Toes: 2-3 years

The little toes program uses a story tie with soccer ball approach to stimulate your children imagination while learning advance soccer skill development. this unique concept keeps kids captivated and entertained for every second or every happy feet class. your child will love being the zookeepers, and showing the animals their soccer skills,; blasting off to outer space with their Bobs and visiting all the planets; traveling around the world to visit countries and meeting new friends along eh way. every class is just as educational as it is fun.

Big Toes: 4-5 years

In this stage we introduce your child to key concepts & new skills, cooperation, & goal setting. Your child learns valuable lesson for all areas of life. all children have a soccer ball for maximum skill development. We make use of fun props & play more advanced games. The kids learn some of the most difficult skills & move in soccer while having a blast. Your child will have fun & develop motor skills in a non-competitive way.