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Behind the Scenes of Adult Enrichment - Coordinator Gretchen Carlson shares about the power of accountability.

We are almost a month into the new year. How are your resolutions going?!

Like many of us, if you set new goals to address old habits but got sidetracked quickly, you’re not alone! When it comes to health decisions especially, resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. If you’re still making strides but losing momentum, stay with me. I have a short story about one woman’s radical transformation and what she said made all the difference. This often-underestimated piece of advice might be just what you need for this end-of-January slump.

Meeting with one of our new instructors for spring reminded me of the power of accountability. During my interview with Richard Weil, who offered to teach a class on Antarctica, he told me that his wife had written a book. Curious, I asked him what it was about. “She was morbidly obese, lost the weight, became an athlete, and wrote a book to help others.” What?! “Do you think that she would ever want to teach?”, I asked. “I’ll ask her.” Lindsay was interested in meeting and we now have a class this spring titled “How to Move from a Sedentary Lifestyle Into Becoming More Active.” What is one of her main messages? Ask for help. Don’t go it alone. She used a trainer. It could be a coach. A friend. A mentor.

Two years ago when I wanted to get serious about fitness, I simply said to myself after making a commitment to exercise, “Just keep showing up.” I had the time on my calendar, had invested some money and the accountability of a trainer waiting for me. That made a huge difference. 

So what are we saying here … hire a personal trainer? You could. Or you could save the money and take a Community Ed class with a built in group trainer/instructor/coach, and room full of other people trying to get started just like you. Some may have already developed the discipline of exercising and may be able to share experience and tips. Who knows, you might even find a new friend and decide it is FUN!

That’s where Community Ed comes in. We have classes that fit a wide range of fitness levels and interests. If you’re just beginning or beginning again, you might consider Walk Fit in 45 Minutes to a New Year, New You! Or try Yoga for Absolute Beginners or Oula.One: A Heart-Based, Musically-Inspired Yoga Dance Fusion class.

If you want to increase flexibility and even reduce pain, we’ve got Feldenkrais, designed to gently stretch in a way that increases overall functionality. Listen to the benefits gained in Maggie Vogel-Martin’s Feldenkrais class:

“Lots of benefits to my back pain, experiencing less pain.”

“Clear, easy to follow instructions.  I felt more coordinated and increased ease of movement.”

“Very clear instruction.  Love the results.  Maggie is excellent.”


If you love a high energy, fast-paced intense workout, you check out T Salmonson’s classes. Our most passionate workout participants come from her classes and say things like this:

“I love, love it!  The best teacher!  Fun personality and does a wonderful job of getting one in shape!”

“Love variety!  Increased strength and greater muscle tone.  Excellent class.  The instructor is wonderful.”

“What a fantastic workout!  Can't wait until next week.”


Looking for something completely different to bust out of your routine? 

Our most popular classes are Zumba, POUND, Tabata, Yoga, Chisel, BollyX. WalkFit and Fitness Yoga.

Give yourself a fresh start - find something to try. Then just commit to showing up. This could be your year!