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Early Learning


Early Learning through Community Education

Community Educaiton Early Learning Programs, in partnership with South Washington County Schools, offers engaging, enriching and personalized experiences for all of our earliest learners, age birth to five.

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

Unique to Minnesota, Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is at the heart of our Early Learning Programs, and is offered only through Public School District Community Education programs like ours. ECFE provides families with early school connection, the parent resources and tools needed to provide the best possible environment for thier child's learning and growth, and is available for children birth to age five.

Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Developmental Screening is a check of a child’s development, vision and hearing, growth, health history and immunizations. Screening is recommended when a child is three to four years old, but must be completed before starting kindergarten in a Minnesota public school*. Each screening is free, takes approximately 45 minutes, and a parent or legal guardian stays with the child during the screening process. Screening is conducted at the District Program Center. *Screening is also required prior to enrolling in our 3 and 4 year old preschool programs. 

Early childhood developmental screening helps a school district identify children who may benefit from district and community resources available to help in their development. Early childhood developmental screening includes a vision screening that helps detect potential eye problems but is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. 

At the conclusion of the screening, the parent/legal guardian will be given a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns they may have about their child’s development or circumstances that could affect their child’s learning. Information regarding early childhood programs and other resources will be available. The screening summary will become a part of the child’s school record.

The State of Minnesota recommends an interpreter be used for the parents or child if English is not the primary language spoken at home.  Using the home language during screening can provide a better picture of a child’s development. Interpreter services are provided at no cost to the family.

A parent or legal guardian should accompany your child to the screening. If you must send a relative or childcare provider in your place, please note this on your Appointment Request Form as special arrangements will need to be made to obtain your permission and signature on required documents.

Help Me Grow

If a child is not yet three and there are concerns regarding their development, please call South Washington County Schools, Early Childhood Special Education at 651-425-6121. Learn about Help Me Grow.

District Preschool

The PreK program is for 4 year olds prior to their year starting Kindergarten. The PreK program is located at most elementary school sites and offers a 5 day per week morning or afternoon option.

The 3's preschool program provides various options for families. Families can choose classes with a parent/child day, a child only experience, a 3-5 year old mixed age class or an evening preschool option.

Preschool Enrichment and Activity Classes

Swimming, gymnastics and other enrichment and activity classes are provided for preschoolers. View our current opportunities by searching courses and the keyword 'preschool' in the search box above.