Site Based Management Team

What is the Site Based Management Team?

The role of the site based management team is to serve in an advisory, decision making, and an informational liaison capacity to serve in the best interest of ECFE and 3's preschool programming.  The site based management team representatives include teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and program administration who work together to ensure the highest quality educational experience and supports for participants in the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and 3's preschool programming.

The primary roles of the group include:  

1) Decision making related to the development and monitoring of the district School Improvement Plan (SIP) and related staff development as well as the Minnesota Department of Education Community Needs Assessment required for ECFE programs.

2) Working in an advisory capacity on budget decisions, curriculum and programming, facilities, and program policy decisions.

3) Informational liaisons and ambassadors as related to program information discussed by the group.