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Mark Your Calendars!


Session Dates for Fall 2018

September 10 - November 3, 2018  Fall Session I  Fall Schedule 

Registration Deadline September 3, 2018

November 5 - December 21, 2018    Fall Session II  Fall Schedule   

Registration Deadline October 29, 2018


We have changed and combined the 3 gymnastics program course descriptions and names.  Beginning Fall 2018 session, you will register for Level names as described below.  The basic class content has not changed at the sites, just the names.  If you have any questions, please speak directly with your coach or call Community Education at 651-425-6600.  



You were a Wolfpack, Fledgling, Intermediate or Advanced and now don't know what new level to sign up for?  Click HERE



Park High School
Find out more about Maria Ortiz - Gymnastics Supervisor
Woodbury High School
Find out more about Julie Dornseif- Gymnastics Supervisor
East Ridge High School
Find out more about Caroline Urgo - Gymnastics Supervisor

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Gymnastics Participants: Please remember to have your child registered before the registration deadline. If a child is not on the roster they will not be able to participate in class.  If you register after the deadline directly with the Gymnastics Coordinator on site, you will be charged a 10% late fee at the time of registration.