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Other Preschool Activities

Parent/Child art classes (students ages 2.5 - 6)

Play Date with Mom! April 28. In honor of Mother’s Day, spend some creative time with your child. You and your child will create a beautiful handprint flower bouquet on a canvas board. What a great keepsake! Children must be accompanied by a caregiver.

Music and Dance Classes

Dance with Me! This class will encourage your little mover to dance and sing along with you. Using musical instruments, parachutes and scarves we will create a movement experience while we jump and spin. An introduction to the movements and vocabulary of jazz and ballet are taught in a fun and creative manner. Children will learn an appreciation for dance and music while developing strength and flexibility. Adult must accompany child in this class. Next class begins April 23rd.

Wish Upon a Ballet - Rodeo  Wish Upon a Ballet is a dance program for children that incorporates popular children’s stories as well as ballet stories to create a dance class that is more than ballet steps. Using musical instruments, parachutes and scarves we will create a complete fairy tale experience while we skip, leap, jump and spin. This way, an introduction to the movements and vocabulary of ballet are taught in a fun and creative manner.Next class begins April 23rd.

STEM Classes this Summer!

Intro to Robotics June 18. Students will program a floor robot that can draw, and even make music. In the last session, we will compete in a robo-olympics.

Intro to Building  July 16. Children will explore gear actions, in addition to swinging spinning, rotating and linear motion. We will start with 2D models and progress to 3D models.

Intro to Coding  June 25. We will work on small coding projects, each designed to teach core programming concepts. Students will be completing their very own technical feats, and arming themselves iwth the computer science experience and know-how to prepare for a future working with technology.

Intro to Robotic Building  June 11. Our program has a strong focus on introducing simple engineering and technology concepts in a fun hands on way. We will use the award winning LEGO Wedo Robotics system.

Intro to Structural Engineering  July 9. Students learn basic structures concepts with fun hands-on exploration! Concepts include balance within structures, ways of building structures and stability. By building a variety of models, children can determine what the best shape for the job is.