"Kids club is a great place for kids!"

"My children love going to Kids Club and it feels so wonderful as a parent to have a place for them to be while I am at work that they love! Thank you for all you do!!"

"Kids Club does a great job. I would recommend them to anyone."

Before and After School Child Care

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Serving students Kindergarten-5th grade year-round
in District 833 schools and Valley Crossing Community School

We can be Graphic Designers!

Woodbury Elementary We can be Graphic Designers!

We can be Microbiologists!

Woodbury Elementary We can be Microbiologists!

Animal Masks!

Woodbury Elementary Animal Masks!

Yummy Lady Bug Cookies!

Woodbury Elementary Yummy Lady Bug Cookies!

Animal Beads!

Woodbury Elementary Animal Beads!

Mothers Day Crafts!

Woodbury Elementary Mothers Day Crafts!

Mothers day crafts!

Woodbury Elementary Mothers day crafts!


Woodbury Elementary Coasters!

Card Making!

Woodbury Elementary Card Making!

baking a cake!

Woodbury Elementary baking a cake!


Kids Club is your choice for
quality out of school time programming.

Children thrive when cared for in a
safe and inclusive environment
which fosters learning in many
areas of skill development.


Families find value in our affordability and convenience in our locations.