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About Us

Kids Club is the School Age Child Care program for South Washington County Schools.

The school year program operates before and after school in each elementary building and provides care to current elementary students. Kids Club offers full-day care on select non-school days as well as full-day and half-day programs during the summer months. Kids Club provides a safe, educational and creative environment for elementary children. Our on-site staff-to-child ratio is 1:15 on regular days, 1:10 or less for field trips.


The mission of South Washington County Schools is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Kids Club plays a significant role in achieving this mission for all kids.


In Loco Parentis: In the Place of Parents. Parents trust us to care for and support the healthy development of their child while they must be away for work. We keep this very important role at the forefront of our work as we connect with each family and every child.
Therefore we are committed to supporting ALL KIDS. We acknowledge their individual differences and respect the right of the child and family to quality care. We create an environment that meets unique individuals needs, honors cultural diversity and supports the characteristics of each child through:
• Positive experiences and communication
• High-quality, diverse curriculum
• Behavioral expectations which encourage growth and development
• Freedom for individual choice and incorporating youth voice
• Attention to health and safety.


Kids Club staff are the heart of our program and have a passion for engaging students in fun and educational activities. Kids Club maintains a 1:15 staff to student ratio. Ratios are lowered for swimming and other high risk activities. Kids Club has a committment to high quality programming and continuous improvement. All staff receive ongoing professional development in the areas of child guidance and development, health and safety including first aid and CPR, programming and activites, and social development.

All Kids - Personalization

Our work starts with a focus on ALL KIDS. It is the center of what we do and working to ensure that each child has the opportunity to thrive is essential. We have a commitment to understanding each child’s uniqueness and helping to personalize their experience in Kids Club.

8 Key Learning Areas

Children are offered options to participate in group and individual activities focused on 8 key learning areas which have been identified by our families, Kids Club staff and school day staff.
  • Literacy and Reading
  • STEM
  • The Arts
  • Life Skills
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Physical Activity
  • Culture & Language
  • Health & Wellness.