School Year 2017-18

---------School Year 2018-19 ENROLLMENT BEGINS APRIL, 2018---------

School Year 2017-18
September 5, 2017-June 4, 2018

Kids Club will begin for students in grades 1st-5th on Sept. 5, 2017.
Kindergarten students will begin on thier first day of school, Sept. 7, 2017.

Kids Club closed:
Nov. 23 & 24, Dec. 22, 25 & 29, Jan. 1 & 15, Feb. 19, March 30, May 28.

Kids Club Non-School Day Sessions:
Oct. 19 & 20, Dec. 1, 21, 26, 27, 28, Jan. 2, March 12, 26, 27, 28 & 29
Visit our Non-School Days link to learn more about full day programming offered on teacher workshop days and other no school days.
Non-School Days


Kids Club is located in each elementary building in South Washington County School District 833.


Before School........6:30 AM to school start
After School...........after school to 6:00 PM

Contract Options

  • Full-time: 5 days/week before and/or after school
  • Part-time: 1-4 days per week before and/or after school.
    • Full and part-time schedules must be the same days of the week, each week.
  • Drop In: allows for occasional, as needed attendance
    • This contract does not provide a guarantee for attendance and should not be depended on to cover a regular schedule need. Attendance will be allowed provided there is adequate space within our required staff to child ratio count for attendance. Paying the registration fee is not a guarantee for space (attendance). Parent/Guardians will need to contact the Site Supervisor 1-2 days prior to the drop in date to check space availability.

View information on Contract Changes (increases, reductions, withdrawals of enrollment).


We provide a weekly curriculum with a variety of theme-based activities. Children choose from the activities based on thier interest.

Typical Activities: The Arts, Cultural/Language, Health/Wellness, Life Skills, Literacy, Physical Activity, Social Emotional, STEM.

Daily Schedule - sample
Lesson Plan - sample


A light breakfast and mid-afternoon snack are offered daily at no additional fee.

District 833 Nutrition Services provides Kids Club Breakfast. Visit your school's menu to view examples of items offered:

Snack Menu - sample


Sites will send email communications and post information onsite giving information about programming, reminders and newsletters.

Parents are asked to provide information about abscences, special notes, etc. either in the notebook provided on the parent table, directly to KC staff member or via email to the group's Site Supervisor.