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Non-School Days

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Serving students Kindergarten-5th grade year-round
in District 833 schools

Full-day sessions on select non-school days
(teacher workshops/conference days, winter and spring breaks)

School Year 2018-19 Non-School Day Sessions

KC will host seven non-school day sessions (15 days) during the 2018-19 school year.

   October 18-19

   November 6
   December 3
   Winter Break: Dec. 26-28
   February 15
   Spring Break: March 8, 11-15
   April 29

   Enrollment Deadlines - 2018-19 sessions

*KC closed: Nov. 22 & 23, Dec. 24, 25 & 31, & Jan. 1 & 21, Feb. 18, April 19, May 27

Cold Closure Programming
optional enrollment for full day care on days when school is cancelled due to extreme cold.
An additional registration fee applies.

enrollment timeline Oct. 30-Nov. 13


Our groups are consolidated during these sessions. We have made a recommendation of a location to attend based on the participant's home school in an effort to set up the child's best experience.

Non-School Day Location            Sites Attending at Location

Armstrong Elem.                                   Armstrong, Hillside, Pine Hill
Bailey Elem.                                          Bailey, Red Rock
Cottage Grove Elem.                            Cottage Grove Elem., Newport, Nuevas Fronteras, Pullman
Crestview Elem.                                    Crestview, Grey Cloud
Royal Oaks Elem.                                 Middleton, Royal Oaks, Woodbury Elem.
Valley Crossing Elem.                           Liberty Ridge, Valley Crossing

*click on location to view webpage for hosting site.

Program Hours

6:30 am - 6:00 pm


Fun themes are planned for each session. Activities will be planned within our daily schedule such as art, science, dramatic play, cooking, active play, computers, etc.
Special events such as field trips or on-site presenters are often planned for these days. There are no additional fees for special events.

On field trip days kids will be asked to wear a designated colored shirt so that as our group interacts in a public venue participants are readily identified as a member of our group. We do not purchase program shirts for children during the school year - any shirt from home of the requested color will work.

Waivers may be required by a vendor we are visiting. A signed waiver must be on file before a child is able to participate in the activity. If a waiver is not on file or if you choose to not have your child participate in the activity they will accompany us on the trip and will be offered an activity at the venue while the remainder of the group participates.

Please arrive one hour prior to departure on field trips to allow staff and particpants to prepare for the event.


A light breakfast and snack will be provided. No additional fees for these meals.

All participants need to pack a cold lunch; including bevearage and utensils. Refrigeration will not be provided.

Additional Notes

Prescription Medications that are distributed during a regular school day through the school health office need to be brought to your non-school day location along with the corresponding Medication Administration Authorization form indicating the prescribing Dr. signature, type, dose and time of administration of the medication.

Outdoor Play/Clothing KC will participate in outdoor play on non-school days (as appropriate per District guidelines). Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing for the weather so that they are comfortable, safe and able to enjoy this activity.

Communicataion will be sent to all participants enrolled in a non-school day session within the week of the session. This email will include information about the staff working, activities planned, a link to the lesson plan for the session and details about items specific to the session.


$36.00/day per child for participants on a regular before and/or after school schedule.
$39.00/day per child for participants who hold a Drop In enrollment.

No discounts apply. Fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable upon each session deadline.


Registration for non-school days is optional, is separate from your school year contract and is at an additional fee (billed to your Kids Club account).

Online pre-registration is required.

  • All sessions are available online for enrollment as of the first day of the school year - Plan Ahead, Enroll Now!
  • Each session's enrollment will close approximately 4 weeks prior to the day(s) off of school.
  • Log into the Community Education enrollment website and request your scheduling through your Kids Club billing account. Upon placement of your request you will receive a confirmation that your request was received. Upon approval of your enrollment you will receive a 2nd email confirming your child has been enrolled. You will be contacted by our business office if there are any questions or issues with your request.
  • After the enrollment deadline there are no refunds for cancellation or illness.
  • We strive to accomodate all participant requests that are received by the enrollment deadline.
  • Late registration will be accepted as space allows and are subject to a $10 late fee.