Summer 2018

---------ENROLLMENT BEGINS FEBRUARY 2018---------

Summer 2018
June 12-August 24

Open House at your summer location - June 11 from 5:00-7:00 pm
Closed Wednesday, July 4.


Full Day: 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Half Day: 6:30 AM-12:30 PM or 12:00 PM-6:00 PM


Children who have successfully completed grades K-5 are eligible to enroll into the summer program.
Kids Club: Grades K-2*
Upgrade: Grades 3-5*
    *based on grade child just completed


*Please note the recommended locations for children to enroll into for the summer program based on the school that they attend during the School year.

Kids Club (grades K-2)                               Home School*  
Bailey                                                             Bailey, Woodbury Elem.
Cottage Grove Elem.                                     Cottage Grove Elem., Crestview, Newport,
                                                                       Nuevas Fronteras, Pullman
Grey Cloud (group's enrollment is full)          Armstrong, Grey Cloud, Hillside, Pine Hill
Liberty Ridge                                                 Liberty Ridge, Valley Crossing
Middleton                                                       Middleton, Royal Oaks
Red Rock                                                       Red Rock

Upgrade (grades 3-5)                                  Home School*
Bailey                                                           Bailey, Woodbury Elem.
Cottage Grove Elem.                                   Cottage Grove Elem., Crestview, Newport,
                                                                     Nuevas Fronteras, Pullman
Grey Cloud                                                   Armstrong, Grey Cloud, Hillside, Pine Hill
Liberty Ridge                                               Liberty Ridge, Valley Crossing
Middleton                                                     Middleton, Royal Oaks
Red Rock                                                     Red Rock

**Activities will be planned to suit grade levels.
Grades K-2 (Kids Club) will follow one field trip/event calendar and
Grades 3-5 (Upgrade) will follow their own separate calendar.                      

Contract Options

2 day minimum contract required.

  • Full-time: 5 days/week full or half day.
  • Part-time: 2-4 days/week full or half day.
    • Full and part-time schedules must be the same day of the week, each week.
    • Full and part-time schedules cannot be combined.
  • Drop In: allows for occasional, as needed attendance.
    • This contract does not provide a guarantee for attendance and should not be depended on to cover a regular schedule need. Attendance will be allowed provided there is adequate space within our required staff to child ratio count for the attendance. Paying the registration fee is not a gurantee for space. Parents/Guardians will need to contact the Site Supervisor 1-2 days prior to the drop in date to check space availability.

View information on Contract Changes (increases, reductions, withdrawals of enrollment).


Click here to visit our Fees link.


We provide a weekly curriculum with a variety of theme-based activities. Children choose from the activities based on thier interest.

Typical Activities: arts/crafts, sports, free choice, board games, gym/outdoor games, computers, dramatic play, sensory play, quiet time, imaginitive play, manipulatives, reading, health/safety, creative construction, scientific exploration, learning life skills, service learning projects.
Field Trips & Presentations: groups will participate, on average, in one field trip and host an on-site presenter each week. Events are not planned for specific days of the week. We attempt to balance the number of events so that each day has close to the same number of events over the course of the summer (because of the number of groups we plan for and vendor availability, this is not a guarantee).

Summer 2017 events are not yet planned. Click on this link see a sample of events that we have done in the past: Summer events -sample


Breakfast and Snack service will be offered to all Kids Club participants during the summer at no additional fee. Each Kids Club/Upgrade group will post a daily schedule announcing the time of service for each of these meals and a menu listing items that will be served daily. Expect these items to be posted at the start of the summer program.

Breakfast & Snack Menu - sample

Lunch options include:

  1. ‘Lunch Bunch’ Kids Club hot lunch service- hot and cold meal options, and fresh salad bar items prepared and served fresh daily at your Kids Club site. Fees apply.
    • District 833 Nutrition Services will prep and serve fresh meal options similar to those served during the school year.
    • Online menu
    • Allowance made for special diet needs will be made with medical documentation.
    • Participation in Lunch Bunch is optional and at an additional fee of $3.50 per day. This fee is assessed and meals are served every day that your child is enrolled in Kids Club. There is not a pick your day option available as there is during the school year.
    • The daily lunch fee will be assessed to your Kids Club billing account. Participants will not use their PAYPAMS lunch account for their summer lunch service.
    • Participants must pre-register into Lunch Bunch as an addition to their Kids Club contract.
    • Discounts do not apply - including the school year free and reduced lunch discount.
    • Lunch Bunch Menu - sample
  1. Cold lunch from home for your child every day of their enrollment.
    • Kids Club hot lunch service will not be available for a child choosing the cold lunch option. There is not a pick your day option available as there is during the school year.
    • Lunches need to include beverage and utensils.
    • Refrigeration will not be available. Lunches should be packed with this in mind.
    • The cold lunch option is the default lunch option. If your child will bring cold lunch every day there is no action that you need to take during registration.


Sites will send out a weekly email communication with information about the coming week's programming, reminders and newsletters.

Parents are asked to provide information about absences, special notes, etc. either in the notebook provided on the parent table, directly to a KC staff member or via email to the group's Site Supervisor.ffice to check space availability.

Vacation Voucher

Children enrolled the entire summer are eligible for up to one week of summer vacation credit, based on the child’s contract. (For example, a M-F contract receives up to five vacation days; a Tu-Th half-day contract receives three half-day vacation days).

To claim your credit:

  • Submit a voucher notifying us of your dates of absence.
    Vacation Vouchers are available at your Kids Club site and need to be submitted
     to your Site Supervisor.
  • Vouchers need to be submitted with a minimum of a two week notification.
  • Submit a replacement voucher (with two week notice) if you have changes to your original dates.
  • Dates you list on the voucher unschedule your child from attendance on that day.
  • Absences can be taken individually or as consecutive days
  • Credits will be issued in the August invoice - not in the month in which the absence takes place.
    (credits for vouchers received after July 15 will be included in the September invoice).