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Laurie         Judy       Katelyn
Savannah   Tom        Kari
Karen          Deni       Delia
Stephanie   Pam H.   Pam S.


"My children love going to kids club and it feels so wonderful as a parent to have a place for them to be while I am at work that they love! Thank you for all you do!!"

"My boys are so happy at Kid's Club that they don't want me to pick them up. They love being with their friends and then staff. It is always reassuring as a parent to know that they are comfortable and well taken care of. The staff at Grey Cloud does a wonderful job! I am very happy I made this choice for our family."

Grey Cloud Elementary

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Serving students Kindergarten-5th grade year-round
in District 833 schools

Building with the Playstix!

Cooking fun!

Proud of their creations!

Yummy treats!

Holiday Spirit Day!

Awesome Playstix tower building!

Best friends building

Enjoying their Harry Potter drinks

Some loved the drinks, others did not.

Two silly girls

Crazy boys!

So proud of themselves


Deni and Delia enjoying the dance party


Looking cool

Team Brooke

Who could this be?

Miss Bekah joined in on the fun

3 little zombies

Mystery zombies

Team crazy

Having so much fun











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