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Swimming / Aquatics

Make a Splash with Community Education                          

Classes are offered year round for ages 13-18 in our Adult classes for ages 13+.  We want to provide the opportunity for any student to learn how to swim in our Beginner 1-3 classes.  We strive to build confidence in the water.  Every person has their own pace and we help each student in there effort to accomplish each skill.  

Employment: We hire at age 14. Pre-requisits for hire: Swim Aide Training Course and the (Basic Water Rescue Course or Lifeguard Training Course)  1-2 days a week work schedule fits with your other school committments.  Starting wage is $7.87 for the first 90 days, then $8.00 (14-17 year olds) or $9.35 for Lifeguard certified.  Ages 18+ move to a higher rate.

                Lake Middle Pool closed 5/19/19- 8/26/19                          * ISD 833 Community Pool closed for repairs                                

Friday Family Night Swim    6:30-8:30PM   $4.00

Lake Middle School     Closed:  4/19                                            Cottage Grove Middle School     Closed:  4/19                              

Lap Swim                                (Ages 13+)    $3.00

Monday  8-9PM | Cottage Grove Middle   Closed: 5/27                                 

Tuesday  8-9PM | Lake Middle Pool  (until 5/14 then at WHS)   
Closed: 5/7, 5/21, 5/28                                 

Wednesday  8-9PM | Cottage Grove Middle                                                            

Thursday  8-9PM | Lake Middle Pool  (until 5/16 then at WHS)     Closed: 5/23, 5/30

Saturday  8-9AM | Cottage Grove Middle  (3/23-5/11) Closed: 4/20                                                                                 

Water Exercise                        (Ages 13+)    $6.00

Monday  8-9PM | Cottage Grove Middle   Closed: 5/27              

Wednesday  8-9PM | Cottage Grove Middle     

Saturday  8-9AM | Cottage Grove Middle  (3/23-5/11)  Closed: 4/20