Swimming / Aquatics

Make a Splash with Community Education

Classes are offered year round for ages 10-14 who have not yet had the opportunity to learn to swim.  These classes are offered on Saturday afternoons during the school year and in the mornings during the summer.  We want to provide the opportunity for any student to learn how to swim in our Beginner 1-3 classes.  We strive to build confidence in the water. Progression will be based on each students individual ability to thrive in the next level.  Every person has there own pace and we help each student in there effort to accomplish each skill.  

Employment:  We hire at age 14.  We work with school and athletic committments and only require 1 work day a week.  If interested, enroll in the classes listed below.  You will interview in the Swim Aide Training class.  Must be at an Advanced or Swimmer level. 

Basic Water Rescue or Lifeguard Training                                       Swim Aide Training 


Friday Family Night Swim    6:30-8:30PM   $4.00

Lake and Cottage Grove Middle Schools                                  Closed:  CGMS & LMS  11/24, 12/22, 12/29                                                  

Play Time                              1:00-3:30PM   $4.00

AQ21643  Thur, Oct 19 at Oltman Middle                                 AQ51405  Fri, Oct 20 at Lake Middle                                                   AQ21919  Fri, Dec 1 Oltman Middle                                                     AQ51406  Fri, Dec 1 at Lake Middle                                                   AQ21920  Wed, Dec 27 at Oltman Middle                                             AQ51407 Thur, Dec 28 at Lake Middle

Pre-registration required.  If you have a membership call 458-6603 to enroll at no fee.  At least 15 registrations are required for Play Time dates to be held.  Any cancellation will be posted the day before and those registered will be refunded.    Tempered glass is not allowed in any district pool.

Lap Swim                                (Ages 13+)    $3.00

Monday  8:00-9:00PM  Oltman Middle Pool                                         Tuesday  9:30-10:30AM  Sept 12-Oct. 24 Oltman Middle Pool             Tuesday  8:00-9:00PM  Lake Middle Pool                                             Wednesday  8:00-9:00PM  Oltman Middle Pool                             Thursday  8:00-9:00PM  Lake Middle Pool                                       Saturdays  8:00-9:00AM  Sept 23 - Nov 18 Oltman Middle School    

(CGMS March-July, OMS August-February)

Closed:  10/16, 10/19, 10/21, 10/31, 11/8, 11/23, 12/25-1/1

Water Exercise                        (Ages 13+)    $6.00

Monday  8:00-9:00PM  Oltman Middle Pool                                       Tuesday   8:00-9:00PM   Discontinued - until January 2018                 Wednesday  8:00-9:00PM   Oltman Middle Pool                                   Thursday  8:00-9:00PM   Lake Middle Pool - starting January 4, 2018 Saturday   8:00-9:00AM   Oltman Middle Pool - Sept 23-Dec 18       

(CGMS March-July, OMS August-February)

Closed:  10/16, 10/21, 11/8  

Water Walking                         (Ages 13+)    $3.00

Oltman Middle Pool                                                                               Monday   8:00-9:00PM                                                                           Tuesday   9:30-10:30AM  Sept 12-Oct 24                                             Wednesday   8:00-9:00PM                                                                   Saturday   8:00-9:00AM Sept 23-Nov 18

Closed: 10/21